Ropin' The Wind
Released: September 10, 1991

Tracks from Ropin' The Wind:
   1. Against The Grain -
   2. Rodeo -
   3. What She's Doing Now -
   4. Burning Bridges -
   5. Papa Loved Mama -
   6. Shameless -
   7. Cold Shoulder -
   8. We Bury The Hatchet -
   9. In Lonesome Dove -
 10. The River -


Note: This album was re-released on November 21, 2000, in celebration of Garth's album sales for the decade topping 100
million.  The re-release includes the extra track, "Which One Of Them," from The Limited Series release.  For the lyrics
please see The Limited Series section by clicking the link down below.  The re-release album cover featured a logo that
read, "One Voice
One Decade One Hundred Million."  Click here to see the re-release album cover.