October 6th was my first night to see Garth live in 9 months. As previously mentioned I have been fortunate enough to see Garth in several cities on this tour, however this city was a trip myself and my friend Chris had been planning since the city of Minneapolis was added to the tour schedule. When tickets went on sale we had hoped for at least 3 shows as 1 Garth show is just never enough. By some stroke of luck we got 9 shows and with that Garth took us on a ride we will not soon forget! Hope you enjoy the photos on this page and the pages that follow, they bring nothing but a smile to my face.


What a priveledge it was to be at the first show that Garth's mum Colleen Brooks was able to attend after her recent surgery for cancer. Garth came out and opened the show with The Old Stuff followed by the traditional songs in the opening set of Rodeo and Beaches Of Cheyenne. The crowd was cheering and Garth knew he was in for a long night. After singing Unanswered Prayers or should I say after starting it and the crowd finishing it Garth said he had someone he would like to bring out on stage, he briefly spoke about his mum's brave battle with cancer and then she joined him on stage to a thunderous applause. Mama Brooks showed the crowd she was back! Garth gave his mum a big hug before her leaving the stage and then went on and sang The River for her. The show continued and Garth and the band gave us all a night to remember. Other songs from that night included To Make You Feel My Love, Long Neck Bottle, Standing Outside The Fire and all the old favourites. The night also included a duet set with Trisha Yearwood where they sang In Anothers Eyes and Walkaway Joe. Just when we thought the end was near with Garth singing The Dance he came back out and gave an encore set that had the crowd jumping and individual fans standing in shock as Garth sang their songs in what he called his "housekeepin" segment of the show. We left in such a high after night one, little did we know what nights 2 through 9 had in store for us, read on to find out how Garth made our nights!

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