The final night had arrived and it was my last Garth show on this tour but there was no time to think about that, I was determined to enjoy every moment of it, we had a run of Garth Luck that we could not have planned if we had tried. Tonight was also the night Garth would sing yet another song of our choice, however how it came about just showed us how much attention he pays to the audiance he is playing too. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed being there all nine nights!

Minneapolis went wild one last time...

Uncle Joe you know we owe it to you...


Wolves, another great Garth song but a song that he does not do as part of his regular set. The only time I had heard Garth sing this song in concert was back in September 1994 in Sydney, Australia. Back then he sang it in his encore set as Australia was going through a major drought and he had just spoken to his dad that morning and it was his dads favourite song at the time, so he dedicated to our farmers and his dad. Tonight would be another night Garth would sing this song, the night before my friend and I had a sign that we were sure he saw cause he gave us the Garth thumbs up for it, however he did his housekeeping and Wolves was not one of the songs. Again tonight we had the sign but we didnt hold it up as much, then came to the housekeeping part of the show, well Garth got us both! He started off with last night there was a sign out here for a song that I saw and I forgot to sing it, I am lucky enough tonight that the young lady has returned and I would like to sing it for her now. So with that he began to sing Wolves, while we stood in shock thinking OHMYGARTH he remembered he didnt sing it!

Callin Baton Rouge and The G-Man!

Garth Gives Jimmy A Run For His Fiddle!

Garth Animation

Friends Was Wild While The Dance Was Goodbye For Now Thanks For The Ride Garth.

Last Show In The City - Let The G Beach Balls Fly

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