So far each night held something that made it its own, tonight was no different. Chris and I were to be separated that night by bad seating from the venue and its no fun being separated from your Garth buddies at a concert. Luck was on our side though a lady whom I had never met came along called Meredith, she knew my friend Chris, she had spare tickets for seats just a few rows down from where Chris was so we were able to be closer. It would also be the night that another Garth pal of ours had her song sung to her by Garth.

Papa Loved Mama to We Shall Be Free

The Change

Tonight would be the night our Garth buddy Aimee from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma got her wish, she had never heard Garth sing The Change live and it was something she had always wanted. She had made a sign in the hopes he might see it and that he might actually sing it during his nightly housekeeping sessions he was doing in Minneapolis, well he saw the sign and he brought the house down with an acapella version of a very powerful song.

Callin Baton Rouge - Fever & Friends


Thanks For The Dance Garth.....

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