This was the first Garth concert that I ever had tickets for where the seats were behind the stage and it turned out to be a show I will never forget. I didn't have reservations about sitting behind the stage because I know Garth uses his whole stage and does not only play to the people at the front. Garth came out of the piano and he was looking GREAT, wearing a blue baseball cap and a white Nike t-shirt, read on to see what too place.

Somewhere Other Than The Night

I have been a Garth Brooks fan since about mid 1993, my friend bought his single The River and from then on I was hooked. When I bought the album The Chase apart from the standard songs like We Shall Be Free, That Summer and Every Now and Then one song that grabbed me was Somewhere Other Than The Night. Tonight October 10th 1998 was when I would hear Garth sing it live, not only in concert but to me. Follow the link to read the whole story and see the photos. Coming Soon


I think Mr Tightpants is facing some tough competition

I couldn't make this page without sharing these, slightly blurry but the MAN was looking right at me, its hard to focus looking into those eyes!

Garth's Got Friends In Minnesota....

Aint Goin Down - Well Maybe For A Minute....

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