Although we were in Minnesota to see Garth I had also heard about this place called Mall Of America, so my friends and I ventured out to investigate the biggest Mall in America. While there we found Sam Goody's, had to go in there and check out the cd's, by chance while standing at the counter I saw the flyer announcing Trisha would be there to do an appearance the following Monday October 12th. My friends and I made plans to return to see her there. We had the best time, Trisha & her band were great! Then when she introduced Garth Brooks as her special guest, we couldn't believe our luck!.

Trisha Is Introduced To Her Waiting Fans....

John Hines from radio station K102 was on hand to greet Trisha and to present her with a jacket from Planet Hollywood. Trisha put it on and she looked GREAT!

Trisha then started meeting her fans who had been waiting patiently for her arrival, she greeted everyone individually, posed for photos and signed our cd covers from her latest hit album Where Your Road Leads. She was an absolute delight and shocked me when she remembered our last meeting right here in Melbourne, Australia at a tv station here.

Let The Show Begin.....

Trisha opened the show with Perfect Love, the crowd went wild, clapping and singing along with her. She then went onto to sing other favourite Trisha songs like She's In Love With The Boy, Wrong Side Of Memphis & There Goes My Baby from her latest album.

Trisha Then Announced Her Special Guest


The crowd went crazy but at the same time they were well behaved. Trisha had asked that no one push forward as she had some special guests down the front in wheel chairs that would be crushed if the crowd moved forward. Her fans were very well behaved while they screamed for Garth and applauded them both as they performed 3 songs for us to enjoy.

From In Anothers Eyes To The Upbeat Sound Of Powerful Thing And Ending With The Ballad Of Where Your Road Leads, They Gave The Fans A Treat!


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