The Third Verse

When "The Thunder Rolls" was released Garth and his producer decided that the song was good enough without the third verse. However in the video Garth wanted to at least show what happened in the third verse. He then decided that he wanted to sing the third verse live and see what happened. Well, the rest is history. As for"Friends In Low Places" he decided that their was something missing from the song. He wrote the third verse and decided to sing it in a live performance.

Brooks Image

You remember This Is Garth Brooks? This is the concert that has the now famous guitar smashing incident. Rumor has it, Ty England had to smash one of his favorite guitars. The "Thunder Rolls" and "Friends In Low Places" are on the video, and include the third verse. And who could forget the speech that he gave between the second and third verse of "Friends In Low Places", during the concert that night. Well here is the text of that speech followed by the lyrics of the Third verse for both songs. Enjoy!

The Speech…

"You know, some of the craziest things in the world can happen.
You can actually cut a song.
They can actually put it on one of those little bitty discs.
They can take it to your radio station.
And it’s then, and only then you realize…  Something’s wrong.

I didn’t first notice it.  I played it, and I played it, and it never hit me
Until all of a sudden one day, I was driving around back home.
And it became on the radio, and I said Garth
That’s what I go by back home, is Garth.  I said Garth…
I said would you handle that situation that way.
And I said…  No I don’t think I would…  So I hope you don’t mind,
But I had to go back and write a third verse for this song,
To make it a little more meaningful, if you know what I mean.
And it goes a little like this…"

The Thunder Rolls Friends In Low Places
She runs back down the hallway
And through the bedroom door
She reaches for the pistol
Kept in the dresser drawer
Tells the lady in the mirror
He won't do this again
Because tonight will be the last time
She'll wonder where he's been
I guess I was wrong
I just don't belong
But then, I've been there before
And everything is alright
I'll just say goodnight
And I'll show myself to the door
I didn't mean to cause a big scene
Just wait 'til I've finished this glass
Then sweet little lady
I'll head back to the bar
And you can kiss my ass!